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I am a SasuSaku fan, but this rection is so relevant.

At least he’s alive.

All Naruto fandom after seeing Sasuke’s new outfit.  (via sakuura-chanharuno)

Seriously, shit-face looks like he’s gonna be in One Piece


Naruto 692:

I love how Hagoromo was like, “Well that didn’t work, see y’all!”


poor hagoromo. Nothing he does ever goes according to plan. He’s just “Technically I’m dead, I’m so done with this shit”

Naruto 692


But at least we now know where the last battle between Naruto and Sasuke comes in…

Also, y’all need to spend the whole day on this chapter tag. It’s one of the highlights of my day.


I avoid your fanfiction because of its title, only to love it when I finally gave it. It sounds so much like my inner self. I read your profile and found out you go to UCSD. I go to UCSD and will soon be a fifth year due to my numerous mistakes. If you have any questions you can't find the answers for, just let me know. Perhaps I can help, because I don't want anyone else to make the mistakes I did.

Hello! Thank you for supporting my stories! I realized that my titles can be strange and disinterest people, but glad you gave them a chance. UCSD? I found my first Triton supporter! What are you currently majoring in? 

I don’t think my parents realize getting further job experience is pretty damn important in college, ESPECIALLY as a psychology major. It’s not like going to be a doctor where you need the hghest GPA, GRE, MCAT scores and maybe some hospital volunteer/lab work. You need to legit prove you can do things than just research. On top of that, getting into a PhD program for pychology is tougher than getting into med school. Why? You’re not applying to the overall program, you’re applying to be someone’s research assistant for the next five years. It’s extremely subjective. The admissions committee could love you, but if that faculty doesn’t want you as an RA, then you’re screwed. 

Naruto 690


Now what….

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Chronicles of the Cubical Psychology Research Assistant: The Introductions

Hi everybody! I recently just started a new lab this summer to develop research experience for graduate school. To commemorate it, I decided to start a diary-like series where I blog about what I do during my shifts. Technically, I started last week, but it was not as one would say “legit” research stuff. This is not only to keep a diary for me to look back on, but to help anybody else get a sense of what being a research assistant is like. Bear in mind, each lab is different with random personalities involved, as an undergraduate who’s taking it for class credit, this is what I can offer. 

A brief idea of what the lab: It’s a lab about a 15-20 minute walk from my apartment. I chose this for convenience and competitiveness. The requirements to be “hired” was to have at least a 3.5 GPA, which is already high. I can’ reveal too much about the research I’m doing, but it involves PTSD and a specific group. The Principal Investigator has vast experience working in this field and is nationally recognized, as his previous studies have been effectively implemented intop several practicies. This is how I know I chose the right lab. PTSD is not my dream area focus, but it’s related closely to clinical and cognitive psychology. Take any lab you can get!

Day 1

Since I signed up to start at 8am, I arrive about 10 minutes early because it’s a good professional habit to develop. I meet the first research assistant and learn that 1) dress code is business casual (I showed up in jeans awk) and 2) not many people arrive on time. Regardless, I shouldn’t make a habit. Later, I meet one of the graduate research assistant and he gives me a brief overview of how the lab runs. Since I can’t do anything until I get computer access and additional training, my only duties for the first week is to read IRBs (basically the research outline) and study them carefully. That way, I familiarize myself with the study. There were five packets in total. Honestly, I didn’t stay on track the whole time and doodled in my notebook for a good portion of my shift. Even if the graduate noticed, he never mentioned anything. Everybody is really chill. I meet the second graduate and she expects to send me an email of my duties soon. I learn that we’ll have plenty of RA meetings involving training and graduate school talk. I’m thankful that the graduate assistants are willing to act as mentors to us. Heck, one of the listed duties is building a grad binder for all of us.

Day 2

Like the first day, I keep reading the IRBs. I meet one more research assistant. Everybody seems new for the summer, so it’s mostly a clean slate. I admit to napping for an hour, and again, nobody notices since they understand all I’m doing is reading research protocols and procedure. The project coordinator hands me more packets such as the questonnaires we give the human subjects. I discover a lot of new inventory that should I continue with clinical psychology, I will meet again. They don’t go in depth with me about it much, but just understanding what exactly happens is close to a learning experience. I ask a few questions about the IRBs, then leave for the day. 

Day 3

Okay, this was the biggest joke shift and it was only my second week. I even dressed business casual and there was nobody to impress, of course. Nobody showed up until an hour later. Even then, she was doing her own data entry. Another came in and offered me internet access since I would be easily bored. Trying to be a noble research assistant, I do stay on task and review the current IRB and questionnaire. I’m sure a spent at least 3 hours on Facebook, Buzzfeed, online shopping, etc. Eventually, everybody leaves by 12pm and I’m the only one, so it’s easy to get away with things without getting caught. I received some emails from my supervisor that my first official duty with begin on my next shift, which I’m excited about. Yay for real work!

That’s all I have from my first three days. I know eventually, it’ll be filled with many hours of data entry and grunt labor since it’s unpaid, but any research experience is worth it. Also note, I’m balancing this between an actual job so combined with classes, my schedule will be very packed during Fall. My social life may be damaged, but I know how to manage myself.

whether it's male or female I don't think the issue is just sexism. It's the attitude about it. Some people are completely fine with casual sex. Ok that's their thing. But when it's a game and the other party isn't aware of it, that's when it's not ok.

I agree with your stance. The decision to have sex, whether it’s after marriage or whenever you want, is up to the person. But even if the the “victim” was aware of it, it’s still unfair because they don’t exactly have a choice in the matter except to consistently reject unwanted advances that could be considered harassment in some of these stories. This genre, as well as many other stories on anime fanfiction, really romanticizes rape culture. I’ll take into account that as I am from America, we do have a more heightened awareness and willingness to discuss the topic in this country and as well as some others. However, I’m also aware that in some cultures, what we consider as “rape” is deemed a social norm within their culture. Maybe some of those writers are from those cultures are something, I can’t be sure. Regardless, yes, the attitude of the general overall is disturbing. 

Fanfiction Question for Naruto Fans

How do you guys feel about those fanfictions where Naruto takes place in an AU high school and they have bets where it goes along the following: 

"You must have sex with [insert girl’s name] by 30 days." 

I’ve been coming across a lot of these stories lately and while I initially found them hilarious in middle school, I’m starting to see them as disturbing and somewhat sexist. There is probably only one good SasuSaku story that follows this pattern well, but otherwise, it’s weird. Regardless of the power, I myself do not condone this genre. What are your thoughts on these stories?

Really Rought Draft of Rush Hour Inspired Fanfiction: A Naruto/Sasuke Buddy Cop Story

The Police Chief of the Land of Fire, Jiraiya, wanted nothing more than to finish up the last twenty minutes of his day with a quick edit of his latest Icha Icha Paradise manuscript. Unfortunately, reports were streaming through his department too quickly for his brain to catch up.

And just as he finished with his last report, his assistant Ebisu came marching into his office, flashing an unusual report with that sickening seal to signal the death of his weekends. The government was in trouble for some pointless reason again.

"Don’t tell me they actually want us to do something." 

"Sorry, chief, but it’s from Haruno Kizashi and requires immediate action," Ebisu stated.

Jiraiya raised an eyebrow. “Haruno Kizashi? Who the hell is that?”

“The Ambassador of Shinobi and Samurai Relations for the Daimyo,” Ebisu explained.

“You mean the job nobody cares about?” Jiraiya sighed. Once upon a time, shinobi and samurai were revered for their skills. Now, they are merely tourist attractions for neighboring countries. It was a wasted future to practice ninjutsu for those rural villages, who stood nothing compared to the technology in the city.

“Let’s see,” Jiraiya took the file from Ebisu’s hand, scanning lazily. Attached to the report was a headshot of a beautiful young woman with emerald eyes and abnormal pink hair.

"Daughter, Haruno Sakura, kidnapped, came for med school, abducted around 2AM, yada yada, ugh we don’t have time for this,” Jiraiya moaned. Just as he was about to toss the report the side, Ebisu spoke.

“The Sound Ring are behind it. They left a mark at the scene of abduction.”

Jiraiya lowered the report slowly. His fingers tensed around the thin paper, nearly crumpling. He hasn’t heard that name is months. 

“Sound, huh?” The infamous and elusive drug organization that Jiraiya had dedicated (and potentially wasted) his life to for nearly thirty years. Why would Orochimaru want a lowly ambassador’s daughter? She won’t hold a huge ransom.

      Catching Ebisu off guard, Jiraiya slammed his desk, standing up abruptly. He raised his knee, then landed his foot on his chair in a confident pose. Smirking, he pulls the report with the headshot of the missing girl up to the wall, throwing a fist pump.

“Let’s do it! This pinky is our ticket to finally take down Sound!”

    Nodding, Ebisu adjusted his glasses. He held another folder to Jiraiya.“Ambassador Haruno also wants one of his personal shinobi on the investigation.”

“Who?” Jiraiya asked and takes the folder from his assistant. Upon opening, Jiraiya spotted a headshot picture of a handsome, dark-hair man with black eyes. At the top the name was printed: Uchiha Sasuke. He studied the name and the intense eyes. This wasn’t the first time he saw eyes like the pair in the picture.

"Ack, he’ll get in the way. Cops and shinobi don’t mix well, especially in the city. We need some loser to babysit the ninja.”

“Who would do that?”

Jiraiya shrugged. “Give it to the dumbest cop we got.”

Suddenly, the front door to the Police Department burst open, revealing a tan, blond young man with piercing blue eyes. Dressed in an obnoxious orange in contrast to the standard black uniform, he pulled up an unconscious thug high in his grip, grinning victoriously to his embarassed co-workers and confused civilians. 

"Uzumaki Naruto, the greatest cop in the Land of Fire, has finally captured the Candy Stealer of the Thousand Wrappers!"


Thoughts? This was the first scenario that came to mind when brainstorming this story. It’s a semi-AU where it technically takes place in the shinobi world, but a different interpretation of the timeline. If I were to pursue this, it would be more action-comedy as well as buddy-cop oriented. 

Naruto and Sasuke Rush Hour Fanfiction Idea

But seriously…the need to write this is strong. I’m dying to write a buddy cop/ bromance storyline.